Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative

I was honored to be featured in VoyageMIA magazine. I was featured in their special trailblazer edition that celebrates local female role models. This piece was special to me as it’s whole purpose was to celebrate female empowerment and to give women a more real and encompasing view in the media. Click here to read the interview and learn more about why I am so passionate about my work!

Sparkling Moments

During my work with adolescent girls I found myself inspired to work with them in a more strength based and different way. I trained myself, and subsequently the staff on ways to highlight and expand upon times when the girls were not exhibiting problem behaviors. This approach differed from the problem-focused model that punished negative behavior. I called these exceptions in their behavior “Sparkling Moments” which ultimately changed the entire program. Click below to read the full article.   

Jim Hibel, Jim Duvall, Nika Alakbarova, Alexandra Gard, Angela Hood, Clint Lambert, Claire Loucka, Michaelle Pierre, Arthrine Roberts, and Katia Tikhonravova (2017). Valuing Our Values: Short Stories of Revitalizing Traditional Work Contexts by Reclaiming Collaborative Practices. Journal of Systemic Therapies: Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 26-47.

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